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Icon Jr High

IconJ.Hi is a community of faith, specifically designed for junior high students. We are passionate about worship, the word, relationships, and serving. For some, "church" is like going to the movies where you simply sit and consume, but not Icon. For us, it’s more than just hearing, it's doing.

An icon is a person, place, or thing that represents something bigger than itself. Michael Jordan is an icon of basketball. We have icons on our desktop that open larger files and apps. Our goal is to represent something bigger than ourselves. We rep Christ in all we do.

We are a movement of spiritually hungry students looking to live out our faith differently, by representing Christ and making his name known. Our heart is not to make a name for ourselves or this ministry, but to bring glory to our God and Savior.

Our intentions are to live and operate as ‘the church’ throughout the week wherever we find ourselves, whether on school campuses, extracurricular activities, outreach, or intentional relationships. We come together to celebrate what God is doing in our lives and grow by hearing God’s Word.

IconJ.Hi meets on Wednesdays at 6:00p at the Malbis Campus and at 6:30p at the Mobile Campus.

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“Like” us on Facebook to get updates and info instantly. Also, feel free to send any questions you may have to and we'll get back with you as soon as possible.

Camp Icon

Camp Icon is back! Camp Icon will be June 9 -13 and if you sign up before April 2nd you will recieve an exclusive Camp Icon t-shirt.
To sign up for Camp Icon click here