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Icon Jr High

If you're a student, Icon is your place, your time, and your people.

IconJ.Hi is a place for middle and high school students to gather, belong, and grow their relationships with Jesus.

IconJ.Hi meets on Wednesdays at 6:30p at the Malbis and Mobile Campus.

Breakout Groups 

Here at Bay Community Church, we believe in discipleship through relationship. One of the ways that we implement that is through Fusion groups. At Icon, we believe in these same philosophies. Our JHi breakout groups is how JHi students are able to get the Fusion experience. Breakout groups allows our leaders the opportunity to disciple students and build relationships with them. These small groups are discussions that are based on the message and is an opportunity for our students to bring into practice what they have just heard. Through the leadership of our spiritually mature volunteers, our students are able to get a small youth group environment in a large youth group setting.