Bay Community Church

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Icon High

If you're a student, Icon is your place, your time, and your people.

Icon is a place for high school students to gather, belong, and grow their relationships with Jesus.

Icon meets on Wednesdays at 6:30p at the Malbis and Mobile Campus.

Camp Icon

Students, Camp Icon is just around the corner. Camp Icon is a week packed with team games, lake time, and incredible worship services. Camp is June 15-19 and the cost is $250. Register HERE!


Before "OMG" was a saying from a white girl holding a Starbucks, it was a cry of people calling out to God. Oh My God is a biblical phrase of desperation. This six week series will be about calling on God and making him your source in times of need.

Grad Night

High School and College Seniors– Grad Night is for YOU! Join us May 13th from 6:30p-8p as we celebrate all of our graduates. Please sign up HERE!