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Welcome to KidzTown!

If you imagine a place where kids want to come to be with their friends and learning about God is fun...or about a place where someone joins with you, the parent, to help your child understand who Jesus is so that he or she can develop a personal relationship with Him, then this is the place...

KidzTown is divided up into a few unique environments:


TinyTown is a loving and peaceful environment designed to care for children 6 weeks through 24 months. TinyTown is divided into these developmental stages: cribbers, crawlers, and walkers. We recommend parents bring a diaper bag (with change of clothes, if needed) and bottle, both labeled with your child’s name. You are welcome to bring any comfort items your child might have such as a pacifier, blanket, etc.


ToonTown is an exciting and creative environment designed to meet the developmental needs of preschool children. ToonTown overflows with imagination as your child is presented the Bible through songs, puppets, drama and hands-on activities. ToonTown is divided into the following age-appropriate classes: 2 year olds, 3 year olds and 4/5 year olds.

Students entering Kindergarten in the Fall will move up to MidTown August 2014!

MidTown (Malbis Campus only)

MidTown overflows with imagination and is designed to present the Bible to your youngster in a way that they can understand. In MidTown, your kids will get to learn about Jesus through puppets, songs and hands-on activities; It's ALL the energy and fun of Uptown, tailored to meet your kindergartner right where they are.

Students entering 1st grade in the Fall will move up to UpTown August 2014!


Your child will experience an engaging environment filled with songs, games, and characters that teach Godly values at an age-appropriate level. So while you are experiencing the creative, life-changing worship at Bay Community Church, your children are experiencing it as well. UpTown is designed for kids in grades K-5.

Please read through the KidzTown FAQ for more information!

Students entering 6th grade in the Fall will move up to Icon JHi August 2014!

MCGC Bike Challenge

Merry Christmas Gulf Coast 2014 is fast approaching as we have moved up the date to November 22nd! This year we want to raise the bar in encouraging our kids to give and get creative in their giving. One of our core values at Bay Community is, “We are irrational in our generosity," and we want to instill this in our kids. At Bay, we think the church is best when it gives itself away. Help your children get creative in raising money to provide bikes for kids less fortunate than they are, kids that without their hard work may not have a gift on Christmas. Just a few ideas for raising money are: yard sale, lemonade stand, doing extra chores for money, selling wristbands** to friends, family and neighbors. 

Each year we do a friendly competition between the boys and girls in UpTown to see who can purchase the most bikes.  This year we are taking things a step further: a local company has donated prizes to help encourage the kids to push harder to provide Christmas for others.
Over the next 4 weeks prizes will be awarded in the following categories: Most bikes purchased (4 boys & 4 girls), most creative fundraising idea (1 kid from each campus), and of course there will be an overall prize for all girls or all boys (depending on which group purchases the most bikes).